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wow-cheapgold:World of Warcraft Has Been Breaking Record After Record

It has been breaking record after record Since World of Warcraft has been released in 2005,it's no doubt that WoW is one of the most successful MMORPGs / Fantasy Roleplaying Games. With more than 12 Million abonements it is the most successful online game ever.

World of Warcraft has been breaking record after record

Playing World of Warcraft allows you to enter a fantastic, wide world. Discover the green forests of Elwynn, the sparse countryside of the Stonetalon Mountains or the wide desert plains in the Badlands. Experience and master a multitude of adventures and solve the riddles of the game. Team up with other players in groups and guilds to be able to defeat big bosses and final enemies. Choose your fraction in the game, horde or alliance, and master epic battles against the enemy fraction on the battlefields, in the arenas or during your journey through the continents.


Besides the classic game content, WoW provides additional content delievered in form of add ons like Cataclysm and Wrath of the Lich King. Each add on gives you ten more levels for your character to master and provides you with several new quests, abilities and new breathtaking worlds to discover. The first expansion Burning Crusade is already free to play by now.


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