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wow-cheapgold:World of Warcraft Drops to 6.8 Million Subscribers as of June 30

Video game publisher Activision and developer Blizzard announce that the number of subscribers for the World of Warcraft MMO has dropped to 6.8 million as of June 30 of this year, a big number for the genre but a small one when compared to the best years of the title.

World of Warcraft Drops to 6.8 Million Subscribers as of June 30

The decline when compared to three months ago is of more than 800,000 gamers and the pace will probably be seen as problematic by both companies.


VG247 quotes an official financial results reveal from Activision as saying that the decline in subscribers was focused in Eastern markets, which might mean that the company is doing well when it comes to retaining its primary audience, which is Western.


At the moment the developers at Blizzard are getting ready to launch the Warlords of Draenor expansion for World of Warcraft, which is expected to boost the number of subscribers for a while, as some long term fans return to check out the content added to the MMO.


An official launch date as well as the entire intro video, accompanies by a new Lords of War animated lore series, will be officially revealed at an event in Los Angeles on August 14.

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