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World of warcraft patch 5.4 new mount preview of daqo and guide

For those who are collecting addiction players, this is good news. 5.4 patch against pet with cap on the number to 1000, you know, the panda mystery since the launch, to join in the game more than 100 new combat pets, no doubt, patch 5.4 will not disappoint pet lovers.

Patch 5.4 also added dozens of new mounts, the modelling of part mounts, sumptuous and domineering, but for the method is also not simple. Which star mount [PiMu mountain beast the REINS of state] require players to use 2500 COINS for eternal endless pain incense burner, will themselves into a state of full camp hostile, kill the other players, and bloody COINS from their bodies, mount conversion price as high as 500. Details please visit atlas, below the mount of method.

The REINS of MuShan beast


Skin eternal state island NPCS, interlocutors grant for sale, the price is 500 a bloody COINS. Bloody COINS need to use the endless pain incense burner, turned themselves into the hostile camp, the price of the incense burner is 2500 eternity COINS.

Black clouds thunder xianglong REINS


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