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Warcraft 5.3 PVE 516 ride a single proof 10h forth tips to share(II)

Now let's continue to tell you about the  516 ride a single proof 10h forth tips to share,hope these would help you if you are interesting to do this.

The skills of mainly bats period arrangement:

1. The hunter misleading, I booked directly blame, have other skills, the tortoise does not play, a death can directly, the first wave of no pressure.

2. The hunter misleading, blame uncle opened, warlocks dark nu + dk frozen. Shield bash to bite, don't panic, the shield is not broken. 5 beans they shield slam down, leave a mirror for 5 seconds or so for yourself, basic shield was over. Play a tortoise received after wizards, easy injury, a basic uncle ended the bats about, if a slow, at the end of the uncle shouted thieves smoke, the second wave of also will be a problem.

3. The hunter misleading, strange priest give wings, warlock dark nu, spring elder brother end of the wings, a floor (tauren), with any luck triggered many fly shield have 5 dozen shield bash, if not to yourself in a mirror, brush shield. The mage is play the tortoise, easy to hurt a. Here are more likely to break the shield, normally at this time is to make shield + healing. Pay attention to the blood is higher than 55%, not a vampire bat it's hard to off a.

4. The hunter misleading, SAN guan, ride wild brush more than milk, warlocks dark nu + dk frozen. If broken shield holy light speed run to the other side, on the way to run a trial of a shield, and put milk to brush full, if the third wave of the therapy was useless, so is used here.

5. The hunter misleading, best actor, no pressure, you just have aa.


We finished fifth wave boss and about 20% of the blood (we bloodthirsty overhand started), direct rush, turtle shell left an interrupt, the other is used to keep the boss easy injury, uncle sixth bat out of the well, resistance to live. You can also open a saint.

Main stress in 3-4 wave, a divine emergency, milk riding if you don't be a brush on basic broken shield, no skills will kneel again.
Team basically very leisure, was 2-3days a week, every time can't more than three hours, all have children, moving bricks, dig feet, brush the invincibility, for the first time out of the shield, to the water away.
Hope to the forest is still end of version of 10 people a little experience, but the forest or the same fun is dye-in-the-wood. Praise the BLZ, thor so much can allow the ride's boss.
Attached have a wol battle report when [me] the grand, everyone can refer to the DPS, HPS, hide rock fall, etc. Surprised I still on the list, such as 102 ~ equipment better to remove the Numbers.
Okay,that is all experience about this,hope that would help everyone who want to fight,if you dont have enough time,you also can buy wow power leveling from our website,our gamer would be pleased to do that for you,have a good time!