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Revelation of azeroth 11 Secret unknown place of WoW(II)

We have introduced three places of azeroth,we will continue to tell you the secret place of azeroth in WoW today.Now let's just have a look these amazing places!


Mr Mu Dan, the pool of steam and grey camels

If you saw the camel in uldum is the shape of the sculpture, don't hesitate, hurry up to pick up it.95% of the time, he will turn into dust, you can pick up to a value of 25 g from above the outlet. But if you're lucky, there will be a gust of wind will be blowing you and send you to the pool of steam, is between the Philippines and seuss healy.

Lifeless, looks scene here make some rough, rumors circulated that can climb the mountain to come in, but I didn't find the way to go there. If you were sent, swam ashore will find a rare elite level 85 - camel hoarders,, more than 20 minutes struck him 100% drop rare mounts camel gray. Both glorious deeds] [all of eternity sand and title/camel postilion cracked.

Elwynn Forest,Waterfall in the cabin

Before open the reckoning, alvin waterfall is unable to enter the area, at least the ordinary traveler can't get there on time. The scenery here seems to be specially designed for people on the griffin, like dancing the troll village. But with the advent of the reckoning, next to the waterfall that abandoned hut also had his own master, you can see it in the window of the lights.

Some will involuntarily flick knife chop down to the small animals, don't say I didn't warn you, you these small animal killer, this sheep but explosive, maybe you will blow off the cliff. If you survive from the explosion, edge. Taylor will rush out of the house, your behaviour is strongly condemned.

MoGaoLei, small animals of the battlefield

Here full of carrying weapons of small animals, such as carrying the axes of the rabbit, and wearing a helmet with a dagger groundhog. Talk between them will be killing each other, but I didn't see any side die fighting, but everywhere mice's body on the ground, ah, poor innocent mice.

Vera, duke camp on the lake

Duke lake, more precisely, the lake island, seem to live in a group of survivors of the alliance, upright a has broken the mage tower on the island, in Philippines, bad luck is the north of the hammer.Some NPC just sitting around, some fell asleep, a couple dance, a few people together, chatting, and on the edge of the tombstone engraved with a name "joy".

The life on the island of tranquility and harmony, no one will pray to the player's help, they don't even the tribes of the attack came here. Folklore has it that the inhabitants of the island, are named after those related to blizzard, perhaps this is a place full of memories. There are a lot of NPCS in azeroth use real names in the real world, blizzard to commemorate their this way. The island is the only creature that did not "real name" three cats playing together.


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