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Revelation of azeroth:11 Secret unknown place of WoW

For a long time, players can always find interesting Easter eggs in the game. Blizzard has always been such as pop culture, mysterious puzzle and interesting metaphor into the world of warcraft. Let's lead everyone to find out, even their mysterious veil.


The black sea coast, vortex in the secret

In the black sea coast of the huge whirlpool underground, there is a hidden cave. Maybe once you pass it by, it seems that jumped out of the vortex will die, but in fact that's what we're going to do.Set out in a short period of animation, you can see their own role to disappear in the center of the vortex, fell into an underground cavern. Here, you will be able to meet a can will send you back to the NPC, here is the place of the egg.

Continued to advance to the depths of the cave, and soon you will have to ask larry. Nothing walker, "shadow will eat away at you, you are not ready for nothing." He has been repeated. Struck him for alliance players will receive a task property, gave the book to los darnell priestess after she told you, beat the demon hunter in nothing in a vortex is but one of his two places at once, and he himself's strength is not the player can match.

Task is completed, you will get an achievement: vortex in the secret.


Stormwind, empty garden

I was in the case of a chance through a door into the secrets of the tiny garden. The storm there is such a quiet place in the city, I feel very surprised, but there was nothing special, just placed on a table, and a few scattered stones on the table. Maybe in the future there will be quests will guide at this point, because I read data and find nothing and its associated information. Isn't this is stormwind gathered in the town of assassins?

The twilight highlands, lightning mountain peak

Lightning mountain located in the northwest corner of the twilight highlands, and no task will guide you to come here. Players can only reached the pinnacle of his lightning mountain by flying mounts, here, I see have never seen a cemetery. The cemetery is quiet and beautiful, no eerie feeling, and the top of the mountain view is great.

If you walk down the ramp up and came to the second area, I do not know what on earth is this place, the megalithic became annular summon circle, stake with exquisite carvings.Just try to have a look now!

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