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Path of Exile Witch Builds Guide

To begin this article, today we will talk about one of the characters that in my opinion is one of the best, I speak of the Witch, which is pure intelligence in Path of Exile, making it an incomparable beast in the elemental and dark arts. He uses all his magic to kill his enemies from a distance.



It usually has a barrier against physical and magical attacks, a barrier that, unless it is pierced, makes it an invulnerable PC. In addition to purely magical damage, the Witch can kill her enemies with curses and diseases. In my case I usually have lightning skills making it a dangerous enemy.


Featured skills

Level with Freezing pulse or Firestorm or spell of your choice until you:

* Finish the first lab and take the Pendulum of Destruction ascendancy

* Allocate the Potency of Will duration cluster on the tree

* Get Spell Echo gem

* Get a 4 link piece of gear


At this point you can comfortably switch to Blade Vortex (remember to level it in a spare slot). Recommended 4 link setup is Blade Vortex - Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction - Physical to Lightning. When you get 5 links, add Added Fire Damage support.


You will also need a source of leech to solve the sustain issues. Do the Siosa library quest, buy Herald Of Ash, Warlord's Mark and Blasphemy gems and use them.


After the second lab (Mastermind of Discord) you can add Herald of Thunder.


How to play?

As we said before, the game mode is based mainly on the long distance fight. The destruction that it carries with its spells allows you to kill more and more enemies. It is worth remembering that the witch is not a physically very tough character, so do not be over excited about the power of magic, just for that reason remember to raise life and the energy shield ..


There is one drawback - some enemies may be partially or totally resistant to the chosen item. However as an alternative, you can choose to develop invocation skills, but this version focuses on the character's energy instead of invocation.


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