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Path Of Exile Awards Of Bestiary League

Thanks to the Bestiary League, which will begin in the action / RPG Path of Exile on March 2, people will have the opportunity to perform 40 challenges to obtain exclusive microtransactions. Completing 12 - you will be given an unusual helmet with horns, 24 - eerie-looking wings, 36 - an impressive portal.

Among other things, for the execution of tests your character will receive parts of the totality Bestiary.

This time, the developers decided not to publish the tests themselves, so that the team could calmly make adjustments to them based on the test results. In the tests of this league is already familiar to you format, so no surprises for you should not be.

League Bestiary will add to the game the ability to track, catch and sacrifice beasts to create powerful items, and also introduce new equipment, stones, adventures and enemies into Path of Exile. The gamers can buy Path of Exile orbs from the online gaming house to arrange the necessary things to personalize the players and teams.