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Lost Ark: The complete guide to Singing Island, Forest minuet, Mokoko Seeds, Gratuitous Aid

The Singing Island challenge in Lost Ark doesn't force you to fight anyone, but it is one of the most demanding islands during the game. Get ready for unexpected requirements, a private area with a temporary co-op, a rare island token, and a fairy that refuses to make your day easier. To save you the extra trips to Singing Island, in this guidebook, we explain to you all the Mokoko seed places and every little thing you would like to learn with regards to the Forest Ballad, the No cost Assist quest, as well as the co-op mission.





Where to find Singing Island and requirements?


Singing Island is located in the ocean of Givena, south of Tortoik and Anshu. The island is constantly open, and while the recommended level is 250, there is no fight here. Nevertheless, this doesn't imply that you could appropriate away undergo the Singing Island. There are a few necessary things to contemplate before you set sail:

You can't complete the "Free Help" quest or get the Singing Island Token without the Resonance Song. While the first two quests on Singing Island can still be completed, it's best to save yourself the extra trips by picking up the right song first.

To do this, go to  Paradise Waves Island in the ocean of Givena (south of Fleece) and buy the Song of Resonance from Igor for 16,500 Pirate Doubloons.

One of the quest's goals, "Grant of Help," is to complete the joint task of the Singing Island. This quest starts every two hours on the following schedule: 10:20, 12:20, 14:20, 16:20, etc.

If you arrive twenty minutes in advance of the commencement of the joint mission, you'll want to have sufficient time to complete the essential quests.

Is there a Resonance Song? Then it's time to visit the Singing Island and follow the steps below to complete the pixie quest chain.


Singing Forest

To start the Singing Island challenge, you need to talk to the NPC named Euryale (the one with the purple exclamation point). She will request you to stick to the fairy's voice.

The fairy is challenging to uncover, but you will not be able to check it out. Additionally, you must select your words thoroughly, or she will run away (if this occurs, restart the dialogue and try once more). Here are tips on how to tackle this fantastic challenge:

  • Observe the path to the east. Use the interaction button to bring up the dialog screen if you can't see anything. The fairy will start singing when you receive it near the water (location #1).
  • Select the dialogue option "Whistle a song".
  • Select "Wait".
  • And select whistle again.


Silent game

Next, go further southeast to location number two. Use the interact button when you hear pixies again, then select:

  • Action:  Lure with silver.
  • Ask:  Do you remember me?
  • Say:  This is a gift.
  • And finally:  Wait calmly.


Free assistance

Go to location number three and do the following:

  • Say:  It's all right.
  • Choose:  Listen with your back to her.
  • Say:  I'm listening.
  • Say:  I'll look.
  • Select:  Sure.
  • And finally:  Don't worry, I'm a traveler.


Quest Life-giving music

Surprise! You have not yet completed the quest "Free Aid". The next objective is to complete the Singing Island co-op quest called "The Music of Life" and collect three Singing Flutes in the private area.

The joint quest starts in the eastern part of the island (see the icon on the map). Remember that it is available every two hours and you have very little time to join. After entering the secret path, keep going east until you reach the quest area.

Stand inside the circle and chant the Song of Resonance as often as possible. It would help if you played the song at least once to get the Singing Chest. This is important because the Singing Chest will reward you with a Singing Flute (the objective of the Free Help quest). He also has a chance to reward you with a Singing Island token or a secret card.

However, you will need three Singing Flutes to complete the "Donate Help" quest. Since each Singing Chest only contains one, you will have to complete the Live Music co-op quest twice. If you're not too keen on sailing, you can always log out, wait two hours, and go through the investigation while still on Singing Island.

Have you got three Singing Flutes? It's time to return to the fairies, complete the "Grant of Help," and get the Forest Ballad.



Where to Find Mokoko Seeds on Singing Island?

We can't leave without taking our Mokoko seeds, can we? There are four Mokoko Seeds on Singing Island: two are on the regular map, and the other two are in the private area. Considering that you do not wish to miss out on the co-op quest, it truly is most effective to get aspect in it first, after which search the Mokoko Seeds.



Singing Island Awards

Let's start with mining! Here is an overview of the Singing Island rewards:

  • Singing Chest: May contain a Singing Island Token and a Legendary Secret Card.
  • Song of the forest ballad
  • Potion of Stamina (+5 Stamina)
  • Small Chest of Sea Coins x12
  • Hero's Bag with Engraving Sketch Level 2 x10
  • Four Hands Deck x6
  • 80,000 units silver
  • 85 units Lost Ark gold



Video guide


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