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How is Ranger Undeniably Better in Any of These in Path of Exile

Since there are many informations about 3.3 changes already, I'd like to propose some balancing around the stale meta in past few leagues. Right now and many leagues back, I feel like forced to play "insert random ranger build" to be efficient. If I want to clear maps fast, level to 100, party play, magic find, doing map rotas, being economy efficient and everything except maybe lab farming I would do shitton better if I played ranger builds over anything else. I personally have a long term goal to get all classes to 100, so I dont want to play ranger again and again, but thats not the point. Do you want to poe buy items? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.



Projectiles are Good

Especially since scaling AoE is basically no longer noticeable at all. But given how GGG nerfs things, you're basically asking them to remove an entire class, along with 3 Ascendancies from the game entirely, for a minimum of one year, possibly longer. If you want a more diverse set of playstyles, then that's the opposite of what you should be asking for. Of course I'm operating under the assumption that GGG would just straight up delete Ranger, as opposed to opting for a more conservative nerf, but also let's be honest, that's how GGG does things, it'd be silly to expect anything else.


Ranged Builds

Ranged builds have always been popular but i must say that from my experience most builds are just average with medium gear. You still clear fast but survivability is lower and boss killing isnt comparable to other options. What really made those builds even stronger are abyss jewels. I cleared red elder with full mf winderipper just because of the flat dmg those provide. In fact i have higher dps with windripper mf than my decent geared lioneyes ele conversion build and thats without sacrificing any life at all. No wonder i83 searching eye jewels were 20+ chaos for most of the league.


I dont think that they need to nerf ranger overall because it will hurt more builds than it should. Deadeye is just miles away from everybody when it comes to any of these activities I mentioned. Pfinder behind him, havent tried raider this league, but Im sure its not bad either. And then theres a huge gap between rest of the classes. If you check ladders you will easily see what Im talking about and I think we rly need a nerf to ranger or at least deadeye or boost options for other classes. What do you guys think?