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Greg Street interview: 5.4 is not clear the courage trial or into random threshold

Today,we will introduce a interview from Greg street about Test field maybe a random threshold. What do you think about that ?

Siege auge rema

Siege auge rema slight branching some copy, you can skip some BOSS or in a different order to defeat the BOSS. If it works well as a copy of the future will do the same.For many of the copy of the first three or four BOSS should not be too hard, the BOSS of the equipment are helpful to their copy of the schedule.

Add rosh drop heirloom weapons in elasticity, normal and heroic mode to use the personal spoils system. (note: the same as random group, determine whether or not you get by the system and equipment)

The first thing you get heirloom weapons will according to your current set pick up specialization, after it is random giving.Heirloom weapon is also in order to make the expansion of small to be more friendly.

Test field

Test games had meant to be in the panda mystery, officially open, but I always don't have time to finish it before.In 5.4, the test field of the role is to get the a level 90 players still learning to play a new role.If the trial field overall performance is good, then can make it to lower level players training.

Test field level it may even be used to replace item such as into random group or other using a variety of the threshold of the matching system. (note: if you need to pass a certain level of test field trials to get random) Trial field cannot to all professional and specialization perfect balance, so should not see it as a means of evaluation of each professional or specialization.

Elastic Mode

Most of the council to pass a copy of the elastic model to get through.Battle scene may also can use the elastic model of adjustment mechanism, adjusting difficulty between three to five people.Other less strict demand for professional balance can also use a similar mechanism. This means that the hero mode is beyond the scope of consideration.Also have considered the adjustment of more than 25 people, such as allows you to copy in the difficulty of 30 people.

Large server

Big server will integrate enough server in order to achieve substantial population levels. And not limited to two servers, more likely.Consolidation server processes will not be too fast to ensure a smooth transition. Blizzard will start with relatively small server consolidation and guarantee before joining more servers don't make any mistakes.

The names of all the players and guilds will be retained, the server name or other identifier will be used to distinguish between the existence of the same name in different servers.


You can easily let level rise faster than the professional level. To solve this problem would be to spend time, because want to consider all the adjustment of the formula.

In the future practice of professional experience in the process of information keeps better, similar to the mining and make changes.Change in professional currently for players a little pain, in this in the future we will make a consideration. 


Developers must be "to make too many changes" and "make the necessary changes to make the appropriate balance between.Many players hope that through changes to enhance their career, but there are many players don't want there to be any changes because they have no time/don't care to learn how to play their career or specialization.5.4 points will not courage points to justice, * so players can deposit 3000 courage before the patch 5.4 points, or should be considered and to start acting. 


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