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FINAL FANTASY XIV Heads To Attend PAX East 2018 This April

Shortly after the release of patch 4.25, the FINAL FANTASY XIV team moved to Boston to attend the PAX East 2018 in April.

Of course, Final Fantasy XIV fans can also face up to a new fight contest in which players have to fight against Byakko this time. There will also be a panel discussion on history and backgrounds. In this discussion, players will have the opportunity to meet the author of the main story, Natsuko Ishikawa, and the team leader for English localization, John Crow.

PAX East 2018

In Boston, players can fathom the story behind the story of FINAL FANTASY XIV. You can short-circuit with guests Natsuko Ishikawa and John Crow and ask questions. You will talk about the story of Stormblood and the writing process. Who participates in the lecture receives a double-sided poster.

Where and when does PAX East take place?

The venue will be the Albatross Theatre in Boston. Regrettable for European Final Fantasy XIV fans. However, they can look forward to a concert in Dortmund about which we have previously reported. The PAX East 2018 will take place on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 17:30 (CEST).

If you do not want to attend the trade fair but do not want to miss the podium discussion, you can also watch it on the Internet.

Where is it transferred?

Players can find the discussion on the Official PAX East Twitch Channel and the official Final Fantasy XIV Twitch Channel. The URLs will be published later.

Byakko Battle Challenge

Roar into the battle with a roar and gather your followers around you to fight Byakko of the Four Lords! Can you resist the power of the tiger and victoriously dust off one of the coveted "I BEAT BYAKKO" shirts? - Square Enix

These can win participants, but only while stocks last and a certain size can not be guaranteed. FFXIV Gil is an important part of the game. Without these currencies, you won't be able to realize success in the game.