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Do You Know How To Get These Memory Fragments in PoE

Two leagues I've been trying to get these memory fragments. Over 2500 maps. My head is literally sick of it, saying burnout is an understatement. I don't understand what kind of picture you're trying to display to the playerbase anymore. This isn't so much a grind as much as hating everything about it possible. Its horrible. If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.



You have GOT to make it easier for people to get memory fragments. Add a way to randomly move all the spawns around WITHOUT having to kill them all and respawn it. It is literally the most infuriating feeling, running map after map, to see the elder spawn come back on itself 0.o 3-4 of the maps you just ran suddenly aren't influenced by elder EVEN THOUGH YOU JUST CLEARED SHAPER STUFF???


1. The old way of getting Shaper Orbs was way better I mean it doesnt have to be the same map every league but just have it in a fixed place each league.


2. The first 11-14 are fine but the last one is ridiculous. If you even lowered the last fragment to require t14 elder instead of 15 it'd be substantially better.


My problem is that spawning uber elder is easy as fuck after that point though. Doesn't really make sense to me. Doesn't even require 20 maps of influence. And by no means am I asking for it to be RNG chance to spawn uber elder -- it just seems way too easy in comparison to the process required to get there in the first place.


3. Path to the end game shouldnt be such a fucking convoluted mess. enough with the elitist "if you cant spend hundred of hours going through rng nonsense, then don't experience it" bullshit. i've never played another game that was like "there's an end game we swear! good look getting to it.