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Developers talks world of warcraft: patch 5.4 career change(IV)

Now let's continue to tell you these two career:Priest,Rogue and Shaman ,if you are this profession,just have a look now!



Our every specialization of the priest made a few changes. For discipline, although we don't think the shield skills, redemption, or any other cooling in a separate case too strong; But in a specialization can use to the diversity of the three advantage is greatly higher than that of other treatments. We know that salvation is a useful and fun skill, and not on the use of treatment for full-time or damage caused by any competition; We hope to have a powerful shield discipline skills, so we are pleased to see in the 5.2 patch power word: shield utilization rate is higher than the 5.0 patch; So the goal of last modified falls on the cooling ability, we believe that the soul to protect shell does need to weaken. At the same time, the spirit of concentration ratio is a bit too high. Cause could have been used to reward good operation for power word: shield mechanism of cost reduction, turned into a pure mana recovery mechanism. For the sacred, we strengthened the sanctuary and buttoned to help holy priests mana will not bottom out soon. We also will eventually compromise lightwell to passive popular (and more) is similar to the default treatment of totem. Like hunters and balance druids, we also reduces the damage reduction of shadow form, because we think before providing passive bonus is really too high. We have redesigned the shadow HuanLing, has turned a delay damage skills, but also won't because of the terrain and objects are stuck; In dealing with fast moving and the leader of the flight will not find the target.

For the priest talent, we have to redesign the feather of heaven so that it can and other two moving ability of the talent competition; Also let jiggled demons and light phase can compete with comfort and disorderly. We also to strengthen discipline the divine insight, as well as the strengthened the ill-fated all priests.


We are stalkers imposed a dodge to improve their ability to survive in the melee. At the same time, we agreed in the fission of the earth, there is the restoration of capacity to have a certain amount of treatment, in today's "the mystery of the panda who is somewhat mediocrity. We gave the strengthened. Some of the other core changes are on the battle specialization. We improved the shadow damage and cost, to solve the stalkers with high value rapidly too much energy, and potential finger pressing skills cramp problem. (to combat rogue fast there is no problem, but now have some out of control.) In order to offset the shadow combo point loss reduced attack frequency, we added (or returned, depending on your opinion) ruthless passive skill. Other changes around the killing to combat specialization lords of the target system. Killing lords now without using blade flurry only against a target. In blade flurry is released, and the effect of the same now.


A patch on the talent, we are worried about speed outbreak will not increase too much, but now has yet to appear this kind of circumstance, we this time again to reduce the cost of it. Less people of talent: escape death, then just Tibetan dao, nighters, paralysis, poison and shadowstep are enhanced.



We are satisfied with the overall performance was enhanced and elements, but we still focus on their burst damage in PvP. At the same time, we think the shaman in the case of standing treat ability is insufficient, and this should be the strengths of the shaman. In order to solve this problem, we make the changes to treatment chain, in the amount of treatment after each jump no longer reduces; And we strengthen the influence of the rain of treatment and therapeutic effect. We also learn trainable by all shaman healing tide totem, because in recovery specialization can select a group therapy under the condition of cooling ability, will not go to choose other gift.

Shaman talent, we also face a problem is: some talent only under specific specialization are attractive. For that we strengthen the astral transfer, rock totem and release anger. We launched a surge of spring instead of treating the tide of totem, can let the fountain of surge totem treatment two targets at the same time the fountain of treatment. We redesigned the conductive body, it can now increase the duration of the treatment of the rain, and save the cooling time. We also admit that totem regeneration is a problematic talent. It used in PvE, and deal with it in PvP is extremely difficult, because the shaman can be placed in an instant by a totem for the effect of it. Will be replaced, totem, it can make the shaman summon the second air, soil, or water elemental totem not destroying the first. (due to add the element of fire totems will be damage on the output of a lot of ascension, this talent will only appeal to elements or enhancement.)

Maybe it is a little too much words,but we hope you can know the every career's changes in details,anyway,you can buy wow power leveling here,hope you will have a great service from us,we will introduce the rest careers later,please keep eyes on here.