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Developers talks world of warcraft: patch 5.4 career change(III)

Now let's continue to tell you these two career:Monk and Paladin,if you are this profession,just have a look now!


In the early stages of testing server test, we try to to solve the problem of weave fog is mana. As compared to other treatment, weave fog do not need to accumulate a lot of spirit. We worry about is: to solve this problem needs to be a series of changes, this inevitably manufacturing players need to learn the trouble; So we finally decided to maintain the status quo, the spirit of the woven fog is compared with other treatment properties is less, so their affiliated properties will also be more). For the fashion, we redesigned the his master again, and then to enhance the wind fire lightning skill.

Monk several talent too weak, or difficult to use. We strengthened the true spirit of wine, zen bead penetration point, force, and the gold and medicine. Snow anger will now provide a pet control bar for convenient operation; The true qi blowout will no longer need any target; To the ring of the visual effect is enhanced, so that players clearly see the influence scope, and made changes to the data. We didn't find jasper blast method to resolve the problem, and the true qi burst too similar. So we will be redesigned for god crane the alternative skills play terms.


Most of the core changes around is sacred. We felt that we trigger light treatment, with the eternal fire damage absorption method is provided for the whole team has been too readily, and that doesn't meet our expectations of the paladin treatment style. If only part of the paladin choice with persistent spell, that means tree can provide players with the diversity of style. But if it is using continuous every paladin spells, and then the paladin play obviously is simplified.

We don't want to put the fire as a core skills of the everlasting. And restore the druids, weave the fog, and a degree of holy priest is different, we don't think the paladin should use a lot of continuous treatment skill. The only changes we made is that the eternal fire periodic damage absorption treatment will no longer trigger the glory. Players can still use it as a continuous treatment skills to use, on the other treatment effect to add a layer of buff, but it can no longer continue to provide effective damage absorption for a long time for multiple units. We are holy shield and selfless cure has made significant changes will be introduced below the (), since before the offset.

We believe that the insight in the design of the seal has a defect. In the holy paladins can melee attack, they don't have mana concerns; But once they can only stay in the distance treatment (we hope this can at least be a choice, and the treatment is not their default style) mana can become a problem. We think the best way to let the holy paladins don't worry must be in a state of melee. For that we cancelled the insight into the mana return of seal effect, and then enhance the divine plea. Protection paladins have mana issues, because they usually open in the resistance to blame is a seal of insight. Specialization of the ancient sacred column Wang Shouwei has been enhanced, because we feel that the skills are too focused on single treatment, while ignoring the treatment area. Finally, we make holy war this passive skill can affect the holy shock at the same time, to provide a rapid holy specialization. 


In addition to the previously mentioned enhanced mana, crusader strike now can also provide the effect of weak blow to improve survival ability. Great crusade trigger is change from the attack in order to dodge. We don't want to dodge and parry as a paladin tanks best properties, but these attributes will appear in the temple mount, so we hope they can also help to damage reduction ability. In general, we are very pleased with all the tanks damage reduction, in the future we will continue to do more on it.

Punishment in general does not need too much, but we get a heresy ruling of easier operation, at the same time reduces the ancient columns Wang Shouwei cooldown. Such retribution paladins can more frequent using cooling ability. To punish players have been damage output rely too much on cooling skills have complained for a long time.
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