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Developers talks world of warcraft: patch 5.4 career change(II)

Yesterday,we have told you something about Death Knight and Druid these two career change in patch 5.4,today let's continue to tell the rest career.


Silencing shot question: is it as a gift is too powerful. A hunter in addition to the silent shot of the mind, not to choose the other two talents, especially for players in PvP. Yet even PvE most players will choose this. At the same time, we feel that hunters, especially the beast to control the specialization in the expansion of PvP performance was very bad, in addition, because the game has many skills in silence, so we decided not to give to all the hunters silencing shot. We finally decide to silencing shot to the already need to strengthen the PvP marksmanship. At the same time, all the hunter will get a new interrupt skills -- to spell interrupt the counter, but not silence the caster in advance.

Readiness is a we have been thinking about solving skills. At first it is a talent, but because it is much better than the other options, in the end we will be ready to all the hunter, but was afraid of that which we have been. In PvP, the hunter can reset so many offensive and defensive skills, this let balance adjustment, very difficult. In PvE, in addition to the opening of the attack sequence complicated, also does not bring any interesting play ready. If this can be in the hands of wily hunters, help him at a crucial moment changed decayed for magical, that he might still have room for discussion on playability. But that is not the case. Based on the hunter has a lot of cooling skills, special circumstances, or say all kinds of buttons, we don't think there is necessary to keep ready. Of deterrence, we escape made a slightly increased, we will also ensure the DPS is still in its original location (if I must to guess, will damage output is relatively higher than the 5.3 patch).

We felt that due to weakening of beast pentium's performance in PvP, but led to its poor performance in PvE. Group of beast pentium is designed to become the hunter a strong cooling ability, so we will it harm to back a good level, but the damage is lower in PvP. Finally, for some (to be fair, not all) will be the survival hunter call for explosive trap dropped from the armed with black arrow (to make it no longer enjoys the cooling time), so that they can use the explosive trap (usually inserted repel effect of glyphs) without stop them using black arrow/armed.

Hunter's talent as the riddle of the "panda" in The Times of improvement, has a good overall level. But we weaken the iron eagle guardian, because like shadow priests and balance druids, we think their damage reduction was too strong. We can change the danger to survive to disperse as a PvP weakened. We are too weak soul link has been enhanced, also been enhanced and killing HeiYa.


We think the mage in general don't need a lot of changes. One of our goals is to modify the frost of the master, we think it has made the mage is hard to fine tune in PvP. When a high burst damage and the well control ability of specialization, with a master can connect the two, certainly will cause a lot of problems. New master -- ice thorn to spread out the original burst damage to will be a few seconds. Design adopted different methods, make its can ignite such a proficient and distinguish. So we have removed the frostbolt enhance the mechanism of other spells; And then improve the spell damage. When I was writing this article, we have not make any changes to flame specialization; But if you have cared about previous patch that we really done something to try. In the long term, we are still on the manipulation of the time and the interaction mechanism of combustion, and still worry about critical strike rate to the promotion of fire damage, but we don't think the problem has come to the point where serious, need to modify it in version 5.4.

The talent, we talent increases the damage to bomb the groups; Upset the ice shield has been enhanced and the time. In the long run, we still think the group that the class of 90 talent need to spend a little time. But we worry about is: once in patch 5.4, replace one of the two or three gifts, then may have good a fine-tuning to rebalancing. But energy rune restrictions have been reduced. Because there is no is in a state of a must change, we think that massive changes all at once or wait until the development data for a little while to burn, so that we will have more time to consider, testing, and listen to the feedback.

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