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Developers talks world of warcraft: patch 5.4 career change(I)

Here, I'm going to each profession in patch 5.4, to explain the reason behind the changes of a. If you still don't know what are the changes, you can see first showed by test server patch 5.4 familiar with. This article will revolve around the above display changes to give detailed explanation. My next to each profession by analysis.Please don't according to how much, and changes the length of the length to determine whether or not we favor or hate a career. When the player takes on a career as a measure of standard of length, it will hinder our good communication between the players and originally. Below, the length of the paladin and hunters will be more. It is only because they are the changes is more complex, compared to other profession, I need to explain more.But today,we will introduce a little first,we will tell you the more details later.

Death Knight


This time we are at the heart of the changes is specialization in the blood. We added fight to the death knight (and men) passive skill, so their temple mount dodge attributes can help them improve their damage. We also removed the rune blade dance runic power consumption, it can become a cooling skills to use. Finally, we instead of leaving the smell of blood can be triggered by the evasion, to ensure that the property can provide more damage reduction ability to dodge.

For the death knight's talent, and all other professions, our primary goal is to provide players with more talent selection, and solve the problem of some talent too weak. Although the magic realm can at the right time for players to absorb a great deal of damage, but if you want to play to maximize the effect of it is not easy. We change it to like a spell: the damage reduction of such skills. We also for the death of a few takers siphon and blood plague has been enhanced.
We first for the guardian specialization increased stamina, because we feel that this specialization does need endurance. Druids are relatively less stable damage reduction ability, but if their life value is high, will not be a problem. For a feral druid, we withdrew before the cyclone weaken on the cooling time, but the whirlwind has dropped from the predators of the swift. We think the skill problem is bigger in PvP, let a person. We will also faerie fire duration decreased in PvP, so sneak around players in dealing with this ability, will not feel unable to cope. To activate this ability to the change, we make them in accordance with the spirit value proportion reply mana, so it can better benefit from the attribute of equipment. We also made adjustments to the treatments to restore the specialization. We make changes of flowers, is in order to change the swift cure back to its original design purpose - to become a potent monomer treatment skill. We will gradually first flowers carved in patch 5.4, wild mushroom instead of quick cure to trigger the first flowers bloom effect. The number of wild mushrooms will also be restricted to one.
At present, we think there are several specialization of passive damage reduction ability has already begun the balance problem, balance the specialization of the moonkin form is one of them. The initial balance specialization need PvP weaken our physical damage damage reduction into spell damage damage reduction, but we felt then balance specialization because the required treatment less attention in PvE, so some team a copy of the team in selecting the caster will prioritise them.
Most of the changes are due to: druid talent in certain specialization, the player will choose a one-sided talent, without other options - dreams of cenarius, force of nature, nature's guardian, and soul belong to the example of the jungle. We turn nature's swiftness to restore specialization core skills, because we feel that most of the treatment are very dependent on it. In its place will be a new talent -- Wolfgang iser's grace.
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