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Blizzard friends website developers interview summary

Blizzard friends website developers interview summary: resolution of 5.4

Last week, many developer blizzard friends stand all did MOP5.4 interview, today let's collect some developers'idea about WoW to the media.



Team was pleased with the loading performance of the MOP orange, Cory think world of warcraft will also continue to use a similar system in the future. But this does not mean that traditional pattern will be abandoned.Game mall is the future trend is not clear. Acclaimed props to the tranquility and beauty in Asia may not sell out. When developers will only feel the way with the necessary, or good for the game will add it to the game, so some items may not enter the game.Recent won't introduce more professional exclusive tasks.Test field will only have achievement award, the content is designed to let you learn new specialization or challenge myself. Itself is very interesting.

Before the next expansion may appear a little front patch, not sure. 5.4 will be pan Dali and the end of the story.The battlefield: marginal land is very successful, developers happy.

The Instance

The difficulty of the elastic team adjustment technology is already in place. NPC health and damage will change as the number of players and easy adjustment. But small quantity strange things like adjustment is not very good.Remove enchant content requirements in order to make equipment more convenient to use, to reduce a need to consider the link.Test games allow players to try other responsibilities, and see if they can change their jobs in the case of does not affect other teammates. As long as you can hit the gold medal, so with this career and his team-mates group also do not have what problem

After several expansion of brewing, Galveston rushton, already from a small role has become a big BOSS. Alsace is a very good role, but the player is mostly to warcraft iii and to know the people. As a version of the final BOSS, developers want players from the heart want to kill this cargo. This requires players to know what did he do during this time all good, why they will be standing at the gate of his attacking. In the past few patches, team tried his best to let players know the Galveston rushton, actions, why he is a bad boy, what did he do to the tribe.

Whether let jinxiu valley were destroyed as the world events, or is it just a part of the group in this really hard to decide, but now it seems it really played a good effect.


Adventure is the theme of the eternal island, rare and special events. Only two daily tasks on the island, and the content of the past are quite different.

Another challenge brought by the new talent system is how to bring the corresponding reward and surprise to upgrade. Benefit is returning players don't have to study how to point talent, and more selective.Provide 1% hit the passive talent is boring, and they also don't have much influence to upgrade experienceBig server actually has developed for a long time. Although you can simply close, but this is not how much profit on the game.Future combat system there will be more pet content, so the quality and level of pet, the core mechanism will be expanded.Play against players like pets, so in the future will continue to increase. Including more pets, have special skills of pet trainer, head of pet and pet quest and other.


Rely on the built-in CD trigger jewelry has become dull, RPPM mechanism is to make the decoration effect is more random an attempt to is more interesting.Hope to modify RPPM mechanism can improve a strange time, etcMoving cast the problem is complicated, although less mobile ShiFaYue, game performance is good, but the mobile war bring the inflexible sense is also very serious. Maybe for players to move casting damage reduction is a solution.

Developers will pay attention to not let the elastic group evolved into each CD will play ball.Galveston rushton will drop heirloom weapons, so players will come back again and again the car off the BOSS, even if it's into the next version.


Remove the upper limit of daily tasks is to make players do not think everyday must be full.After may join the daily tasks, but will not repeat 5.0 the tragedy of the daily tasks.Jinxiu valley of permanent trauma can let players feel this world a more lively, because of the initial design problem of jinxiu valley, made the plane system is not practical.MOP5.4 does not show the rest of the world war situation of area, but between 5.4 and the new expansion will have a small patch.


Over time, the case may also change, but will not be a dramatic change.Players will not be received related daily tasks on the island, eternal eternal island will have more the feeling of discoveryFrom random access to equipment in the box on the island of eternal system is saved on previous slow loading system of an improvement.


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