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Blizzard blue stick: RPPM class items in the opening of the trigger mechanism changes again

"We felt that we will all triggered effects and cooling ability pile used in PvE combat becomes widespread, this brought bad influence to the entire game experience. For those who have multiple RPPM trigger mechanism of the membership of the items, the beginning of a battle has become too important. It is affecting the selection of equipment, and for those who are unable to make the fullest use of these mechanisms is a kind of punishment, we don't want to fight so team operation.

To this end, we will RPPM at the beginning of the battle to change a little works. When a raid battle began, all with RPPM as triggering mechanism of items of "since the trigger time" will be set to 90 seconds. This means that those who are frequently triggered effects trigger rate still is guaranteed, but those who do not often trigger (and more powerful) effects will also have a higher chance to trigger. This should be not too much influence under the premise of your usual way of the game a little ease I mentioned at the beginning of phenomena. "The Lore - blizzard spokesman


Following the July 30 blue post instructions - "a BOSS before you start a war, all classes to RPPM mechanism triggered by the item of" trigger time "will be set to 90 seconds later,

Today blizzard and extended the BOSS war again the triggering time of the opening:

"Update, as part of our recent balance changes, we will put" BOSS war the triggering time of the opening up to 90 seconds from 90 seconds."

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