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Blizzard blue post about a copy of the elastic model of explanation:friendly and challenage

Today, blizzard is elastic on the problems and feedback made a summary.You can just have a look here :)


Thank you very much for the wonderful feedback. The last time for Ma Erkao roark, increase implosion and the interval of breath is not easy, innocuous (normal mode), the blood of the BOSS angry skills in elastic damage under high copy is a copy of the elastic adjustment of a bug. Overall, we will cut the elastic model in the next test patch in difficulty. Fighting and normal mode adjustment mechanism (probably), and a copy of the elastic mechanism will have corresponding change, adjustment of the current normal mode is not over yet. Finally a simple clarification elastic model of audience, and how we will accordingly to adjust the game: elastic model similar to the wrath of the lich king 10 common this (once 10 of humanism to than 25 low level 1). Not all play ball this guild is a group for the purpose of this schedule of trade, therefore, a copy of the elastic and can satisfy the social nature of the team; Normal mode is suitable for 10 people group guild (hero model is suitable for high-end guild). Mass of guild determines the characteristics of its hiring will have professional requirements, or is in a particular boss let some professional out on standby (everyone in criticizing the) however, relatives and friends group person follows the distinct a principle, your head will be according to the team configuration mechanism in a different way to deal with boss. And random group is not the same, the difficulty of the elastic ball will automatically adjust, more emphasis on schedule, rather than have a suitable equipment is sure to BOSS. The earlier you can quickly kill boss, logging, and the leader of the deeper challenge. No. 9/14, such as Ma Erkao rock is in order to increase the challenge level Settings, is like a rotting face of bowel and the ICC. And by the end of 3.3 BOSS dozen mature cooperate with mass of this gain buff, the two BOSS had become so brainless, casual way can also.


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