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Albion Recap: Gatherer Equipment And More Changes

Albion online, in 2016, made awfully interesting changes, and map also looks feels better, in addition, landmarks, hotspots as well as random respawns are good additions too. arguably, when it comes to essence mobs, it probably be an interesting alternative. 



The idea that players will use the regional capitals instead of just transporting everything to queens/kings or w/e new main city might simply not happen. People will still probably concentrate in the "main city" and everything else will be almost a ghost town. Reducing the number of towns would be ideal. If you wan to play Albion, it's essential to buy cheap albion online gold


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Do you plan to do a recap like this about gathering/resource upcoming changes? 

Do the new clusters have huge open/empty spaces or are the black zone clusters more similar to BETA1 ones?

In terms of GvGs, I might have missed, but you'll keep the newly-added royal island version of it right? how to choose cheap albion online silver? are you clear?


Gatherer Equipment

Everything in Albion Online revolves around combat, even activities you would normally not associate with fighting. The prime example of that is gathering, which requires you to go into the open world and face its dangers. However, gatherers are currently left out in the cold, as their main activity does not increase their survivability or combat skills, and they are lacking specialization in their role. 


To change this and give the gatherers the love they deserve, we are introducing new equipment that can only be unlocked purely by gathering. Each resource type will have its own equipment set consisting of four pieces: helmet, armor, shoes and a backpack. That is a total of 20 new pieces gatherer gear.


No one can ignore the development process of Albion Online, especially for in 2016, now, in 2017, Albion Online will continue to make remarkable changes as well. Just like aforementioned: Gather Equipment, for Albion Online latest update and guides, you can head over to https://www.upalbion.com