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Albion & Don't Miss Chance To Get Holiday Items

With regard to the cities of Albion, clearly, it has already successfully gotten rid of their holiday decoration, now that the shops are clearing out their event stock, on top of that, Uncle Frost is getting ready to retreat for another year. Why so many players are willing to buy cheap albion gold.



Assumption that you have not yet made use of the winter holiday eveny, and now, these next couple of days are your finally opportunity. Now is your last chance to get your hands on a Yule Stag, the holiday-themed Tier 4 mount. In order to get this mount, you will need to defeat Uncle Frost, the special event boss. UPAlbion is committed to sell cheap albion online silver


Take the Decorative Bridle he drops to your local saddler, combine it with a Tier 4 Adept’s Riding Horse and receive the holiday-themed Yule Stag. To find Uncle Frost, venture into the Keeper’s group dungeon, down the Giant Gatekeeper and enter the Gateway. Uncle Frost will be one of the bosses in the Gateway.


The Vanity Merchants are also clearing their stock of holiday items. If you still need to stock up on Snowballs and Fireworks, do so in the following days! Snowballs can be bought in stacks of 10 and Fireworks in stacks of 20. For more Albion Online latest news, tricks, tips, guides, you can stare at official website: https://www.upalbion.com


Snowball: 10 Gold each

Royal Blue Fireworks: 5 Gold each

Royal Red Fireworks: 25 Gold each

Royal Yellow Fireworks: 15 Gold each

Royal Green Fireworks: 10 Gold each